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Sidonio Apollinare Carmina minora

ISBN: 978 12 81068 18 6
ISSN: 2611-1411
Language: Latin, Italian
Publisher: Paolo Loffredo Editore Srl
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Sidonio Apollinare
Carmina minora

This study proposes the first Italian translation, accompanied by commentary notes, of the entire corpus of the so-called carmina minora by Sidonius Apollinare: a libellus of sixteen epigrams very different from each other in content, tone and extension, united by a lectio curated sometimes in an extreme way and in which topoi, expressions, themes of the Latin cultural tradition come to life, without any distinction of literary genres anymore. But the Sidonian nugae are not just a mere exhibition of refined doctrine, since the link with the present is strong and constant and a thousand windows open for the reader on the daily life of the Gallo-Roman elite of the 5th century: weddings of illustrious scions, rich and sumptuous residences, family celebrations, and also rich libraries, spas of all kinds, lush gardens. Together, we perceive how unbearable the proximity to crude and uncivilized barbarians was; what virtues were most appreciated in women; how rooted the Christian faith was; how strong and profound was the sense of friendship between associates. In the uncertain and precarious daily life of Gaul at the time, Sidonius' poems even indicate survival strategies.


Stefania Santelia is full professor of Latin language and literature at the Department of Research and Innovation Humanities of the University of Bari A. Moro. Her current research interests concern aspects of late Latin literary production: from the reception and reuse of the classical tradition by Christian authors; the methods of edition and circulation of texts; to the relationship between women and culture. She is the author of numerous monographs, among these the commentary on poems 24 and 16 of Sidonius Apollinare (2002; 2012), on versus Eucheriae (2005), on the Ad spousem suam of Prospero d'Aquitania (2009); and a series of contributions dedicated to authors from Gaul between the 4th and 5th centuries: Ausonius, Salvianus, Hilary of Arles, Eucherius of Lyons, Orientius (a translation and commentary of the latter's Commonitorium is being prepared).

Silvia Condorelli is associate professor of Latin language and literature at the Department of Humanities of the University of Naples Federico II. She is interested in late ancient Latin literature: in this field she has produced, in addition to two monographic studies on the hexameter of Sidonius Apollinaris (2001) and on his poetics (2008), several articles and is currently engaged in preparing the commentary on the ninth book of Sidonian epistolary. Another field of study is represented by Catullus's liber, the subject of metric, textual and exegetical investigations. Among the Catullian research topics, we particularly note that linked to the tradition of the text in late antiquity: the result of this investigation is the volume on Catullian reception in the poetry of the 6th century (Cesena 2022).

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