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Paolo Loffredo, sixth generation of a large family of publishers and booksellers engaged in the production and distribution of books since the late nineteenth century, creates in 2012 the new editorial company Paolo Loffredo Editore. The historical site was until the '80s in the heart of the historic centre of Naples in Via San Biagio dei Librai, lower Decumano and also known as the SpaccaNapoli.
At the beginning of the twentieth century, Giuseppe Loffredo decided to add book selling to the book production, which definitively imposed itself after World War II with the publication of manuals for the University and for the School that succeeded in establishing themselves soon throughout Italy.
Further impetus is given by Alfredo Loffredo, who consolidates the collaboration with high profile authors in the Italian cultural scene, as members of the Accademia del Lincei and teachers of many Italian universities. At the same time, an editorial narrative line had also been created which reached the highest peak with the publication of "Il resto di niente" by Enzo Striano. New life also stems from the move of the bookshop to the Vomero district, which will be a point of reference for the cultural life of the city for over 30 years.
Paolo Loffredo continues and renews the publishing activity with the experience gained in over 25 years of activity, putting into practice the teachings of his father Alfredo. It is a guarantee of a high level editorial production, while ensuring high competitiveness in the proposal for a quote and in the production of books.
Individual volumes, series, magazines, e-books and print on-demand are the main elements of this new publishing activity, further guaranteed by the partnership with highly professional suppliers and distributors. The new company is dynamic and innovative, capable of responding to the increasingly widespread tendency of the market to neglect the roots of tradition.
Paolo Loffredo Editore has the opportunity to disseminate the works published within the national and international scientific community and peer reviewing, where the relevant scientific-disciplinary sector requires it. The production is also standardized on the evaluation criteria of the products adopted by the National Agency of the University System and Research (Anvur), as well as by Research Quality Evaluation (vQr). The company is registered on the CINECA / ANVUR website and on the "ROC" operators register.

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