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Eva e Matilde

ISBN: 978 8894037 5 8
Language : Italian
Publisher: Paolo Loffredo Iniziative Editoriali Srl
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Eva e Matilde

Ever since I was a child and I attended the catechism class in the church of San Biagio, on the eve of my First Communion, I had come to know the story of Adam and Eve.
Don Vincenzino, a cheerful and likeable parish priest, used to tell all of us, candidates for the sacred and anticipated precept, the unforgettable story, making us stay with the suspended soul, anxious to know, we little listeners those surprising episodes. Adam and Eve, he said, are the parents of the human race according to the book of Genesis in the Bible. The word Adam, repeated continuously, derives from Hebrew and means man. God created Adam in his image, then Eve, using the rib of the first man. The old priest wanted to make us understand that if God had not created Adam and Eve we would never have existed. For this reason, when he asked us: "Who created us?" We all answered: "God". Before I stumbled on a Saturday night at Don Zaccaria's inn, these were my only knowledge of the story of Adam and Eve. I did not even remotely imagine that I was about to be a spectator at a debate that was taking place animely in that unimaginable location, precisely on the extraordinary life of our ancestors. I realized after listening to the participants that I knew too little about that strange creation made by God.


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