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A cosa stai pensando?

ISBN : 978 8831293 18 3
Language: Italian
Publisher: Paolo Loffredo Editore Srl
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A cosa stai pensando?

I am deeply worried: ignorance, conceit and arrogance take over tolerance and reason: the stories we experience every day are a plastic representation of the direction that humanity has taken. 
However, the "optimism of the will" wins in me. But I fear it may turn into "obtuse optimism", which Federico Rampini describes as "the pursuit of goals through paths completely disengaged from the real and objective world". Immediately after, however, the same journalist almost contradicts himself, admitting that positive optimism, which I consider a consequence of the optimism of the will, remains the real engine of progress. 
The text of my fifth book, a consequence of a mood that has been with me for a long time, articulates in chapters (culture, youth, internet, politics, Italians, the world) in each of which I develop considerations that confirm "the optimism of the will" that hegemonizes my vision of things at this stage of my life ...


Carmine Scafa (Torre annunziata, 1955), is an electrical engineer and worked for more than 25 years in the aerospace field. He was manager in Finmeccanica and today is the administrator of SETeS, which develops techonological services to small companies.
He lived in France and in the USA, but today he lives in Naples. Moreover, he has two children: Chiara (surgeon) and Giorgio (biotechnologist).


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