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trentadue ore di filosofia antica

ISBN : 978 88 99306 12 0
Language: Italian
Publisher: Paolo Loffredo Editore Srl
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Trentadue ore di filosofia 

These are lessons on the history of ancient philosophy. Lessons designed for a three-year philosophy or letter course. These lessons are born from the didactic experience, from the dialogue with the students and are considered to be study tools to be explored, expanded, corrected. The lessons have no ambition to be exhaustive: they respond to an educational project that aims to deal only with some thematic issues related to the philosophies of the pre-Catholics, the Sophists, the Socratic, Plato, Aristotle, and the three main post-Aristotelian schools.


Lidia Palumbo teaches Ancient philosophy history at the University of Naples Federico II. She was a visiting professor in Santiago del Cile and in other Brazilian cities. She studies the presocratis philosophers, Plato and the platonic tradition. She published the following books:
- “trentadue ore di filosofia antica” (Napoli 2005),
- “Mimesis. Rappresentazione, teatro e mondo nei dialoghi di Platone e nella Poetica di Aristotele” (Napoli 2008) .
And the following papers:
- “Socrate e la conoscenza di sé: per una nuova lettura di Alc. I 133a-c” (Bari 2010);
- “Sobre a semantica da imagem nos diálogos platônicos” (San Paolo 2012);
- “Mimesis in the Sophist” (Berlin-Boston 2013),
- “I mythoi scenografie dei logoi nell’antica letteratura greca” (Moliterno 2014),
- “To mellon aphanes. Appunti sulla nozione antica di futuro “(Napoli 2014).
Moreover, she handled the volume “Logon didonai. La filosofia come esercizio del render ragione. Studi in onore di Giovanni Casertano” (Naples, 2011).

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