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Nola antica

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Language: Italian
Publisher: Paolo Loffredo Editore Srl
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Nola antica 

With the monograph Nola Antica Vincenzo Quindici offers the city of Nola and all scholars a valuable synthesis, enriched by a lucid personal contribution, of the ancient history of the city, since its origins by the Ausones. The thread of the story unravels through the Oscan phase, the relations with the Etruscans and Greeks, the presence of Hyria. The research extends to the foedus aequum with Rome, sheds light on the siege of Hannibal and on the social war, in which Nola sided against Rome. Suggestive pages concern in particular the death of Augustus apud urbem Nolam and the refusal of water to the poet Virgil. Ancient Nola closes with the testimony of St. Augustine on the sacking of the city by the Goths of Alaric.
A precious document, like a legacy for those who want to continue questioning the past with an ethical tension towards the future.


Vincenzo Quindici (Nola, 1937-2018), graduated in Literature - ind. Classical - at the "Federico II" University of Naples, he taught in the "Colombo" scientific high school in Marigliano, in the "Rosmini" classical high school in Palma Campania and in the "Carducci" classical high school in Nola until the year sch. 1982/1983. Appointed Dean, following an ordinary competition, he played this role in the y. sch. 1983/84 at the classical high school “P. Gobetti” in Fondi (LT) and continuously from 1984 to 2004 at the Liceo Classico “G. Carducci” of Nola. He has held the position of Lecturer and Director in various training and/or refresher courses for the teaching staff. He was the promoter of the Certame Internazionale Bruniano and a member of the judging commission. He was also a founding member of the alumni and teachers association of the “G. Carducci” of Nola, and was its President from December 2012 to January 2016, subsequently Honorary President. He also published Nola tra cronaca e storia, in the “Studia lucis” series, ed. I.G.E., 2011.

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