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I sospiri delle stelle d’Europa

ISBN : 78 88 32193 35 0
Language: Italian
Publisher: Paolo Loffredo Iniziative Editoriali Srl
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I sospiri delle stelle d’Europa

This work is a representation of the legislation of European Union countries. The legislation is about integration and inclusion for student with special teaching needs, in different ways, sometimes even in the same country:
• in common classes
• in special classes in ordinary schools
• in special schools, occasionally linked to ordinary schools for extra activities
• in completely different teaching methods
The chapter regarding inclusion in Italy contains all of the news introduced by the most recent legislation (D.Lgs. 13 aprile 2017 n. 66, and the corrections provided by D.Lgs. 7 agosto 2019 O.M. n. 205, 11 march 2019), which were obviously not treated in the previous works.
All of the countries, even with different approaches, share the concern about giving to these weak and needy subjects a kind of instructions which allows them to a full integration in the social and working environment, and attentions which could help them to feel less inadequate.


Mario Fratangelo got a degree in Law and Literature in Italy and in Modern Languages in Rennes (France). He has always worked in schools as a French language and literature teacher, and as a principal and ministerial inspector. Moreover, he was an Italian teacher at “Lycée Kérichen” and of Civil law at the Economics department in Brest (France). He took part in seminaries in the Department of Foreign languages and literatures at University of Pescara “G. D’Annunzio”. He got scholarships by CEE for the ARION project to study disabled people’s problems in Hannover (Germany) and migrant’s children’s schooling in Bruxelles (Belgium) and of minor languages in Spain.
He was the supervisor in many courses for people abroad which took place in Italy and Belgium. He was also a teacher for support teachers at University of Rome “Tor Vergata” and in Molise.
He published papers about French Literature and normative papers on disabled students: Introduzione e commento a “M.lle Fifì” di Guy de Maupassant (Campobasso 1973); Alcuni sguardi sull’opera di Guy de Maupassant (Cassino, 1974); Guy de Maupassant scrittore moderno (Firenze, 1976); Realismo e simbolismo in alcune opere di Yves Thériault, scrittore canadese (Campobasso, 1978); Il giansenismo di François Mauriac (Napoli, 1980); Il sequestro delle temporalità nel Regno di Napoli nei sec. XVI e XVII (Campobasso, 1988); Integrazione e opportunità territoriali (Campobasso, 1992); Famiglia, Scuola e Società per l’integrazione dei disabili (Campobasso, 1993); Le lingue straniere nella scuola dell’obbligo: aspetti teorici e operativi (Città di Castello, 1994); Linguaggi non verbali ed handicap (Roma, 1995); Handicap e processi cognitivi (Campobasso, 1996); Handicap. Contributi eapprofondimenti, (Campobasso, 1997); L’insegnante di sostegno nel contesto Europeo (Campobasso, 1998).

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