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Il Fico: Diacronia di un frutto “Proibito”

ISBN: 978 88 32193 74 9
Lingua: Italian
Editore: Paolo Loffredo Editore Srl
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Il Fico: Diacronia di un frutto “Proibito”

What could ever be the link between a fig and the history of Rome? Why did Shakespeare choose to give a bucket of figs custody of the most tragic moment of all his works: carrying the asp which would have killed queen Cleopatra? And are we sure about the apple being the fruit of the original sin?
The author tried to give all of these questions an answer, investigating the story around the fig: a tree, a fruit, not only very nutritious, but also filled with history and filling language history and literature in particular ways.
Reading this small volume, made even more precious by its iconographic endowment, may offer many occasions to reflect in so many fields: linguistic and literal, anthropological and mythological, in some ways also religious and philosophical.


Giuseppe Cantone collaborated with professor Crescenzo Formicola in teaching Latin literature at University of Naples Federico II. He also teaches literature at Meucci High School in Aprilia.
His research is focused on christian authors (in particular Agostino) and on elegiac production during the augustan era, giving attention to intertextuality and allusivity in Virgilio’s poetry.

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