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Estimo E Valutazione Economica Dei Progetti

ISBN: 978 88 99306 29 8
Language: Italian
Publisher: Paolo Loffredo Iniziative Editoriali Srl
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Estimo e Valutazione Economica Dei Progetti

This text, conceived for university students and very useful for professionals, offers a complete review of the various methods applicable to estimates and evaluations of property and real estate investment projects: from classic estimative procedures to the most innovative multi-paramarric processes (uniequational and pluriequational), from traditional approaches costs revenues and costs to risk analysis and project finance (project financing). Numerous numerical applications, together with the various methods exposed, address the most common themes of professional practice (construction areas, civil and industrial buildings, accommodation complexes, commercial properties, public investment projects, areas for equipment and infrastructures, etc. .). Concluding the text are the appendices of Financial Mathematics and Statistics, an essential consultation for the practice of the Estimo and the Economic Evaluation of Projects.


Vincenzo Del Giudice is an engineer, ordinary professor of Estimo and of Valutazione Economica dei Progetti in the Engineering department of the University of Naples Federico II. He is a member of the Ce.S.E.T. (Centro Studi di Estimo ed Economia Territoriale) and of the italian commitee E.R.E.S. (European Real Estate Society). Founding member of S.I.E.V. (Società Italiana di Estimo e Valutazione). He a member of the INPS, a component of the Commissione Censuaria Centrale – Settore Urbano, component of the special council Espropriazioni at Naples Assize Court. He is the author to many publications in the field of real estate evaluation, financial analyses of investment projects, evaluations of real rights and damages to real estates and to the environment.


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